Senior Design 2020

Throughout the entire year of 2020, I will be working on a team with five other students on our senior design project. Our project is to create underwater sensor arrays to monitor and predict harmful algal blooms. Below I have included a link to our website as well as some more information:

  • Website
  • My role: Scribe, I take notes at meetings and help keep the team organized as well as other common duties such as research, implementation, and testing
  • Skills gained: I have furthered my PCB modeling skills, and am excited to learn more about soldering surface mount parts to custom printed circuit boards.
  • Progress: So far, we have met with our client and created a detailed design. We have taken these design concepts and modeled prototype printed circuit boards. Next, we plan to test our prototypes and adapt our design accordingly.
  • What: Harmful algal blooms release toxins into the water that can be dangerous to not only the organisms in the water but also humans that may be using it. Below is a picture of a harmful algal bloom in Lake Ontario